Newborn Session FAQs


There is nothing quite like the first weeks in a newborn baby’s life. Never again will the features of your little one change so quickly. Newborn Photography is a specialty that captures the details of a new baby’s journey in life and the beginning of a new family’s journey together. This is a priceless and fleeting time to be savored and cherished for years to come with professional fine art photographs.

Holly and her partner Sue specialize in Newborn Photography. They absolutely love working with these precious little beings and their families … soothing and patiently posing their little ward in the most gentle and endearing ways. They love what they do and get quite attached to the little ones and their families after spending this special time together.


When should I schedule my newborn session?

It’s never too early to book your newborn session to ensure a spot with Holly and Sue as they only schedule a limited number of sessions each month to allow plenty of time and attention for each client. When a session is booked, they’ll reserve an approximate time frame on their calendar that will be reserved for you with the actual date being selected once you deliver.


When is the best time to photograph my newborn?

Newborn babies are ideal to photograph between 5 & 10 days old, when they are still very flexible and womb-like and spend most of their time sleeping. If for some reason your baby is unable to be photographed during this time frame, don’t worry, with the exception of possibly a few poses, we will still be able to capture many beautiful and special images of your baby.


What can I expect from my newborn session?

A typical session is approximately 4 hours long. It is a rest and relax time for Mom as Holly and Sue work their magic, soothing, posing and photographing, … handing off only as needed to Mom & Dad for feeding and changing. Feel free to bring a book, catch up on emails, texts or Facebook, take a nap or simply sit back and enjoy watching the session!


Do you provide any props for the session?

An extensive collection of fine quality outfits and accessories are available for newborn sessions, including, quality hand made hats, bonnets, & headbands, organic natural fiber knits and textures … and an assortment of baskets, bowls and other adorable props are used as your session is personally stylized just for you. Though there is nothing that you need to bring for your baby, if there is something special you’d like to incorporate into the session, just let us know.


Where are you located?

All sessions take place in Holly’s home studio, located just minutes from the historic Los Rios district in San Juan Capistrano, or Sue’s home studio in Pacific Palisades, just north of Santa Monica near the coast. Both are graced with beautiful natural light, ideal for photographing your newborn.


Are family photos included in the session?

A special part of a newborn session is devoted to capturing the priceless images of a father and a mother with their precious new son or daughter. These are the images that can often touch the soul and are among Holly and Sue’s favorites to capture. These as well as family, and sibling shots are all included in the newborn session at no additional cost.